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Tình bạn nhóm tính cách ENTP

ENTP FRIENDS ENTP – Tình bạn Loyalty, support, emotional feedback – these are not what ENTPs look for in their friendships. The last thing people with the ENTP personality type want to hear is “you’re right”, not unless they have absolutely earned the distinction in a heated round of intellectual debate. If they’re wrong, ENTPs […]

Tình bạn nhóm tính cách ENTJ

ENTJ FRIENDS As in most aspects of their lives, in friendship ENTJs seek personal growth and inspiration, and they often have a plan for how to accomplish it. Friendships of circumstance, built on things like shared routines, are not ENTJs’ preferred method – rather, they pursue their friends, seek out individuals who share their passion […]

Tình bạn nhóm tính cách INTP

INTP FRIENDS Many of the usual motivations for making friends – emotional support, social validation, shared routine – simply don’t apply to INTPs. More likely, these concepts are met with disdain, as people with the INTP personality type prize intellectual depth above all else. It is not easy to become good friends with INTPs, but […]

Tình bạn nhóm tính cách INTJ

INTJ FRIENDS People with the INTJ personality type tend to have more success in developing friendships than they do with romantic relationships, but they none-the-less suffer from many of the same setbacks, substituting rational processes for emotional availability. This intellectual distance tends to go both ways, making INTJs notoriously difficult to read and get to […]