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Thói quen nơi làm việc nhóm tính cách ENTP

ENTP in the Workplace ENTPs have straightforward expectations in the workplace, but ones that aren’t always easy to meet. Strong believers in meritocracy, people with the ENTP personality type expect their ideas to be heard by those above them, expect robust debate among their peers, and demand that those they manage offer up new solutions […]

Thói quen nơi làm việc nhóm tính cách ENTJ

ENTJ IN THE WORKPLACE For people with the ENTJ personality type, the workplace is all but a natural habitat. ENTJs’ efficiency and clear communication are valued, their leadership is admired, and their ability to simply get things done is unrivaled. That being said, some situations are more appropriate for ENTJs than others – these qualities […]

Thói quen nơi làm việc của nhóm tính cách INTP

INTP IN THE WORKPLACE The running theme for INTPs is their desire for solitude, need for intellectual stimulation, and the satisfaction of the final piece of a puzzle clicking into place. Whether in subordinate or management positions, with colleagues or working alone, these privileges and the freedom to pursue them unfettered by social obligations and […]

Thói quen nơi làm việc của nhóm tính cách INTJ

INTJ IN THE WORKPLACE INTJ TRONG MÔI TRƯỜNG LÀM VIỆC Above all else, INTJs want to be able to tackle intellectually interesting work with minimal outside interference, no more, no less. Time-consuming management techniques like trust-building getaways, progress meetings, and drawn-out, sandwiched criticisms are only going to annoy INTJs – all they need, be they […]