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Điểm mạnh điểm yếu nhóm tính cách ENTP

ENTP STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES ENTP Strengths ENTP – Điểm mạnh và điểm yếu ENTP – Sở trường Knowledgeable – ENTPs rarely pass up a good opportunity to learn something new, especially abstract concepts. This information isn’t usually absorbed for any planned purpose as with dedicated studying, people with the ENTP personality type just find it […]

Điểm mạnh điểm yếu nhóm tính cách ENTJ

ENTJ STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES ENTJ Strengths Efficient – ENTJs see inefficiency not just as a problem in its own right, but as something that pulls time and energy away from all their future goals, an elaborate sabotage consisting of irrationality and laziness. People with the ENTJ personality type will root out such behavior wherever they […]

Điểm mạnh điểm yếu nhóm tính cách INTP

INTP STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES INTP Strengths Great Analysts and Abstract Thinkers – People with the INTP personality type view the world as a big, complex machine, and recognize that as with any machine, all parts are interrelated. INTPs excel in analyzing these connections, seeing how seemingly unrelated factors tie in with each other in ways […]

Điểm mạnh & điểm yếu nhóm tính cách INTJ

INTJ STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES INTJ Strengths INTJ Sở trường và sở đoản INTJ – Sở trường Quick, Imaginative and Strategic Mind – INTJs pride themselves on their minds, taking every opportunity to improve their knowledge, and this shows in the strength and flexibility of their strategic thinking. Insatiably curious and always up for an intellectual […]